RPS Courses in Cornwall & Devon

Face-to-face RPS Courses in Cornwall & Devon, with training delivered by a certified Radiation Protection Advisor.

Radiation Protection Supervisor Courses

Jarvis Nuclear develop and deliver cost-effective, bespoke RPS training to clients in the UK.  We offer a high-quality, professional service by working closely with clients to define course objectives and requirements. Specialisation options include veterinary practices, schools/colleges and Radon.

RPS Courses - Small Group Training - Jarvis Nuclear

What does Our General Radiation Protection Supervisor Course include?

A course typically covers the following:

Ionising radiation.

Quantities and measurements used in radiological protection (activity, half-life, dose etc.)

External and internal radiation hazard.

Requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations.

Designation of areas.

Local Rules.

The role of the Radiation Protection Supervisor.

Planning and managing emergencies.

Our courses in Cornwall and Devon include an assessment, with successful delegates being provided with an RPS training certificate.

Courses are bespoke to your requirements and can be delivered on site to eliminate travel and subsistence costs, providing a personal experience.

RPS Courses - Training Groups - Jarvis Nuclear

Specialist RPS Courses

RPS (Radon): This course has been developed for Radiation Protection Supervisors in an organisation or facility affected by Radon gas.

RPS (Veterinary): This course has been developed for Radiation Protection Supervisors working in veterinary practices where they may be required to work with diagnostic x-ray equipment and radioactive materials.

RPS (Schools/Colleges): This course has been developed for Radiation Protection Supervisors in schools and colleges where they may be responsible for supervising the use and storage of radioactive sources.  The course can be tailored to include details on requirements of working in an area affected by Radon gas.

Other courses we can deliver include “Working with ionising radiation” (for employees who work with ionising radiations but do not have any supervisory responsibility) plus “Risk assessment and ALARP.)  We are also able to support in the development and review of RPA portfolios.

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