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A selection of projects Jarvis Nuclear have worked on across Cornwall & Devon.

Radon, Radiation Protection & Nuclear Services

Jarvis Nuclear provide Radon, Radiation Protection and Nuclear services to a range of clients including organisations from the following sectors: Nuclear site licensees, veterinary practices, schools/colleges, museums and more.

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Examples Of Our Projects

Some examples of projects undertaken include an independent peer review of Nuclear safety documentation for a Nuclear site licensee; an assessment of radiation shielding and dose rates, using Microshield software for a new build radioactive waste storage project (consultancy work); an appointment as Radiation Protection Advisor for schools and colleges in Cornwall; provision of advice on strategy for Radon measurement for a school in Devon; provision of advice on Radon measurement results for a college in Cornwall; radiation surveys and report on compliance with Ionising Radiations Regulations for a museum in Cornwall and an RPA audit and review of risk assessments and Local Rules for a veterinary practice.

Case Studies

Jarvis Nuclear can provide suitably qualified and experienced personnel to assist you with your Radon, Radiation Protection and Nuclear requirements.  Read about a few of the projects we have undertaken, below:

Nuclear Site Licensee

Challenge: Requirement for an independent review of Nuclear Safety Assessments.

Support/Solution: Based on over 20 years of experience in the Nuclear safety field (including authoring and management of safety cases), we were offered the role of providing ad hoc support for a range of Nuclear Safety Assessments, prior to their issue to safety committee and regulators. This was a cost-effective solution for the client, providing an independent review of safety assessments by a consultant with extensive experience in the field, on an hourly rate basis.

Schools and Colleges

Challenge: Some schools and colleges hold radioactive sources that are used for teaching and training purposes. Due to the activity of these sources and the requirement for management arrangements to minimise exposure, the clients needed to appoint a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA).

Support/Solution: Jarvis Nuclear have a certified Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) who was able to be appointed by the schools and colleges. Initial advice was provided in order to ensure that the clients were working in line with the Ionising Radiations Regulations. Advice was provided on documentation / Local Rules, storage of sources, minimisation of exposure, signage and contingency plans.  Subsequent visits to the client sites were arranged to carry out a compliance audit against the requirements of their own arrangements and also the Ionising Radiations Regulations.

Schools and Colleges

Challenge: Schools and colleges identified that they were located in Radon affected areas. As such, they were required to measure Radon levels and assess the risk.

Support/Solution: Jarvis Nuclear provided a strategy for measurement of Radon.  We provided information to enable the clients to obtain Radon detectors at competitive rates, and gave advice on where the detectors should be positioned.  Following completion of the measurement period, the detectors were then sent to a UK accredited laboratory.  The subsequent analysis report provided information on Radon levels and whether additional action was required.  In some cases, this required notification to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the appointment of an RPA.

Nuclear New Build Project

Challenge: Client required support in assessing the mitigation options in response to potential fault scenarios that had been developed as a part of their safety assessment process.

Support/Solution: We provided advice that enabled the client to start looking at their compliance with regulations and relevant standards.  Furthermore, we supported the client in identifying where the relevant information could be referenced within their own safety assessments and management arrangements. Any gaps that were identified were sentenced and prioritised, to enable the site to manage over a longer time period.


Challenge: A museum had been contacted by a visitor, when they suspected that certain exhibits may contain radioactive material.

Support/Solution: The museum contacted us for advice. Following a site visit we identified a number of exhibits that required the museum to manage them appropriately, to ensure compliance with Ionising Radiations Regulations.  We supported the client in their notification to the HSE, and also supported them in the development of arrangements to restrict radiation exposure.  This included the setting up of barriers to restrict access, identifying radioactive material with trefoils, and re-siting some of the material away from areas that could be readily accessible by members of the public.

Veterinary Practice

Challenge: A veterinary practice’s Radiation Protection Advisor was retiring, and they were seeking to appoint another RPA.

Support/Solution: We had been recommended to the veterinary practice by their outgoing RPA. Following an initial phone and email correspondence, our RPA was appointed.  A site meeting was then carried out to familiarise our RPA with the practice, their staff and their working arrangements.  A subsequent compliance audit was then carried out to determine their level of compliance with both their arrangements, and the Ionising Radiations Regulations.

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