Radiological Protection

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Managing the Risks of Ionising Radiation

Employers must manage the risks of ionising radiation to ensure the protection of workers and members of the public, complying with Ionising Radiations Regulations.  When you appoint a Radiation Protection Advisor, it must be in writing and include the scope of advice the RPA is required to provide.

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Radiological Protection Advice from Jarvis Nuclear

Jarvis Nuclear will provide a certified RPA to offer appropriate advice, informing you to ensure compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations. The RPA will provide advice on matters set out within Schedule 4 of these Regulations. RPA’s must be consulted if working with radioactive substances, X-ray generators or particle accelerators.

This includes advice on:

Radiologically controlled and supervised areas.

Prior examinations – Plans for installation and the introduction of ionising radiation sources in relation to engineering controls, safety and design features and warning devices that are to be provided to ensure exposure to ionising radiation is restricted.

Periodic examination of these controls, features and devices.

Calibration (and checking) of radiation monitoring equipment.

Radiological Protection - Radioactive Materials - Jarvis Nuclear

Additional Radiological Protection Services

Our service also includes:

Provision of advice from a certified Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA).

Preparation of Radiation Risk Assessments, including Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation.

Radiation dose and consequence assessments.

Support on the radiological designation of areas.

Production and review of Local Rules.

Contingency plans.

Production and review of “ALARP” assessments.

Advice on measurement of Radon and interpretation of results.

Support to REPPIR submissions.

Radiation Protection Training.

Jarvis Nuclear have significant experience in the production of suitable and sufficient risk assessments. This includes supporting the design process, carrying out HAZID activities to identify hazards, and then evaluating the associated risks.

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