Nuclear Safety

Providing expert advice and consultancy re. Nuclear Safety.

Nuclear Safety Advice & Consultation

With over 20 years’ experience in the Nuclear industry, Jarvis Nuclear offers pragmatic advice and consultancy for Nuclear Safety Case Production and Review, through all aspects of the Nuclear life cycle, including risk assessments, which should always be carried out before commencing any activity.

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Nuclear Services

Our services include supporting the design process, identifying hazards, and evaluating associated risks. We also help to evaluate new measures to ensure that risk is minimised and is ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable.)

Our services include:

Authoring and management of safety assessments.

Independent peer review.

Licence condition compliance.

Provision of HAZOP ( Hazard & Operability Analysis) Chair and Secretary.

Hazard identification and risk evaluation.

Hazard analysis (HAZANs.)

Radiation dose and consequence assessment.

Production and review of “ALARP” statements.

Radioactive waste inventory and volume quantification.

Design review.

Independent technical assessment.

Support for REPPIR (Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Public Information Regulations) submissions.

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At Jarvis Nuclear, we have significant experience in the production of safety assessments for the Nuclear industry.  We can support you with the development of assessments for all stages of the lifecycle from preliminary design, pre-construction, pre-commissioning & operations, through to post-operation and decommissioning.  In addition to this, we can support you on delicensing projects.

If you require a review of safety documentation from an independent person or organisation, we can provide a ‘peer review’ service.  Peer review is part of the arrangements for safety case assessment under site licence conditions.  Our Independent Peer Review (IPR) of the data and arguments presented in your safety assessment will provide confidence that your submissions are justified, proportionate and robust.

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